Bio: Hello. I have created this site as part of my campaign to become the NDP candidate and, hopefully, the next Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre. I hope that I can count on your support, or at least pique your curiosity enough to start a conversation. Since January 2007, I have been a professor of Political Science at Athabasca University, where I teach courses in Canadian Government, Aboriginal Politics and Government , and Democratic Theory and serve as the head of the B.A. Program. I am also active in University governance, as part of Athabasca University's B.A. Program Council, General Faculties Council, and other University committees. I have a strong background in both law and economics, and have spent about five years working at both levels of government as a policy analyst, Parliamentary Intern, and Ministerial Assistant. My training, work experience and personal values all tell me the same thing: that Mr. Harper's program for making Canada more like the United States was neither needed nor desired by the vast progressive majority of Canadians. Yet the danger exists that Conservatives may succeed in foisting their agenda on that majority. Edmonton Centre is perhaps the most typically Canadian of all Alberta federal constituencies: it is the split vote that elects a Conservative MP here, and not any responsiveness to a common public interest. I believe that upon closer inspection you will find that we have the best party, the best leader, and the best local candidate to represent the progressive majority in Ottawa.

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